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Owner: Meredith Davidson

A book store specializing in arcane texts, mystical texts, and literature of the macabre.
The Gateway is rather reknown in the occult literature circles as a store capable of aquiring texts that other stores just cannot find. Texts dating back several hundred years are not extremely uncommon on the dusty shelves of The Gateway.

Store Lore

The following is a brief summation of the lore of The Gateway amongst the various supernatural groups...remember that these are RUMORS...and not neccesarily true. If you want a scene in which one of these rumors possibly has some truth to it - be my guest...

Vampiric Reknown: This store contains detaled texts on the physiology of the vampire - all of which are locked in the owner's personal safe. More than one vampire has died their final death trying to lay hands on these texts.

Garou Reknown: It is thought that scribes from the first white explorers in many lands recorded the rituals and rites of many tribes - both mortal and Garou. It is belived that there may be texts with Rites thought to be long forgotten contained within the overflowing shelves.

Fae Reknown: The store oozes Glamour. Any shop dealing in nothing but the fantastic and the unknown is inevitably going to spark imaginations - and leave behind Glamour. Some even rumor that enough Glamour has been released within the shop to infuse it with a natural Balefire - almost an urban Glade. Dross, while not common, is not rare either and some think that the store may have naturally transformed itself into a Freehold.

Mage Reknown: Occult library out the ass bay-bee! The store is a bigass wellspring of Quintessence and the Gauntlet is suprisingly thin. It is also rumored that within the shop and the surrounding area, Paradox has a less drastic effect.

Wraith Reknown: The Shroud is very thin. The store is also a Haunt because several of the texts just so happen to be Fetters. Some circles speak of the ability of many wraiths to use Embody when they previously could not - or with greater effect - within the walls of the store.

Mummy Reknown: Who knows...The Secret Writings of Cabrius may be within those musty walls...